Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble


Since its founding in 2001, Danztheatre has created numerous dance theatre works, including The Wasteland, This Is Not A Pipe, The Yellow Wallpaper, and several for festivals and dance concerts.

Our Multicultural Family program brings stories alive from around the world for everyone to enjoy.

The Voices Project was founded in 2006 with a mission of creating socially conscious works that both illuminate important sociopolitical issues and help raise money for organizations who do work surrounding those issues.

Kids Project offers low-cost classes and performance workshops to pre-K through high school students, acknowledging the gifts in all children so their imaginations can soar.

Day and after-school residencies include Children’s School Oak Park, Latin School, Brenaman, St. Peter’s, and Plato Academy.

Artistic Statement: 

Danztheatre seamlessly blends dance and theater into unique works that engage spectators through sight, sound, motion, and design, presenting sophisticated stories that are accessible to a wide-ranging audience and often comment on social and humanitarian issues. When visual art, text, dance, music, and movement are used in a project, it takes on new complexity – and becomes more accessible for audiences of all ages.

The Kids Project outreach program creates an awareness of arts and literacy by introducing children to dance, visual art, and theatre through a multi-arts teaching approach. The program complements the children’s academic studies by adapting age-appropriate books for the stage, while building a foundation for artistic appreciation and self-esteem.

Kids Project curriculum meets the Illinois Board of Education performing arts standards.

Residency Type: 
Performance Company

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