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Illinois Arts Council Agency Annual Report

On behalf of the Illinois Arts Council Agency members and staff, we are pleased to provide you with regular annual reports on our agency's progress and activities.  

These reports are prepared in fulfillment of Section 4(f) of An Act creating the Illinois Arts Council, defining its powers and duties and making an appropriation in connection therewith. 

Note: In order to save costs, and in keeping with best practices in Green Governance maintained by the State of Illinois, the Illinois Arts Council Agency no longer sends our reports to print. Instead, we invite you to use the following links.

Should you have any trouble accessing the files, please email iac.info@illinois.gov or call (312) 814-6750.

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The information reported in IAC Annual Reports is based on what we believe is relevant to the agency’s mission and core values. What would you like to see reported? Please let us know by sharing your thoughts and opinions below.

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