About the IACA

Illinois Arts Council Members

The Illinois Arts Council is governed by a Council comprised of up to 21 private citizens from throughout Illinois who are appointed by the Governor. These members serve in a voluntary capacity for 4-year terms.

Rhoda A. Pierce Board Chair
Les Begay Member
Joan Clifford Member
Michael Conn Member
Nora Daley Member
Richard Daniels Member
Gillian Flynn Member
Henry Godinez Member
Sarah Herda Member
Anne Kaplan Member
Jodie Kavensky Member
Valerie King Member
Shirley Madigan Member
Robert Maguire Member
Peggy Montes Member
Pemon Rami Member
Christina Steelman Member


If you would like to be considered for board service with the Illinois Arts Council Agency or any other state agency, please visit: https://www2.illinois.gov/sites/bac/Pages/NominateForm.aspx

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