Using Illinois eGrant

Illinois eGrant is an online submission system for Illinois Arts Council Agency (IACA) grant applications and final reports and can be accessed directly at The IACA has created this overview to provide information on how to access the system, create and manage an application, and submit an application or final report.


Illinois eGrant General Information

  • 90 Minute Time-out: Illinois eGrant sessions will time-out after 90 minutes of inactivity. Five minutes before timing out, a pop-up warning will appear. To avoid losing any data, make sure to save all work before shifting attention away from the Illinois eGrant application.
  • Compatible Internet Browsers: Illinois eGrant works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.  We recommend using the latest versions of these browsers.
  • Secure and Non-secure Items Warning: Most of Illinois eGrant is hosted on a secure site (SSL), but it uses images such as the IACA logo stored in a non SSL location. This does not affect the security of personal information in Illinois eGrant.
  • Bullets and Special Characters: Pasting from a word processing program into appropriate narrative fields will work, but formatting such as bold or italics as well as accents, bullets, and special characters will be lost. This formatting restriction does not apply to attachments loaded as PDFs into Illinois eGrant.


For technical difficulties with the Illinois eGrant system contact the appropriate Program Director.

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