Summer Youth Employment in the Arts Final Report Instructions

Instructions and Definitions for the Summer Youth Employment in the Arts (SYEA) Final Report

Final Reports for SYEA grants will be filed electronically using the eGRANT system.  To learn how to access and use the eGRANT system, refer to the Using Illinois eGrant section of the IACA website. 

The Final Report asks for financial, statistical and narrative information about the activities that took place during the grant period. Final Reports must be submitted electronically through the eGRANT system no later 30 days after the end date of the grant period, as defined in the Grant Agreement.

eGrant Information:

The final report is divided into four sections -

  • Organization Information –provide basic details regarding your organization and contact information.
  • Project – provide:
    • Youth employee(s) information,
    • Statistical information, and
    • Narrative attachment of no more than two pages addressing the following points:
      • Briefly describe the responsibilities of the youth employee(s) and how they were supervised and mentored.
      • Summarize the process used to document and evaluate the development of the youth employee(s). What outcomes were you able to measure?
      • List the job skills developed by the youth employee(s) and any other benefits gained from employment.
      • Describe the impact of the youth employee(s) on the organization.
      • Share any challenges experienced during the term of employment and how these could be addressed in future years.
  • Financial – provide details on the project’s actual expenses and revenue, including the IACA grant award.
  • Certification – certify the final report. 


Required Fields - In each section, fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. The eGRANT system will not allow you to submit your Final Report without responding to these requirements.  Because each final report is unique, not all report fields are “required”, but you are required to fill in every field which is applicable for your application or final report. 


  • Individuals Benefitting: all people that participated, actively or as audience, in the supported activities; does not refer to people benefiting financially; cannot be zero
  • Children/Youth Benefiting: people aged 18 years or younger included in Individuals Benefiting from Project; if zero, enter 0
  • Total Artists Participating: living artists that implemented the supported activities; cannot be zero
  • Total Volunteers Participating: people who contributed time without compensation; if zero, enter 0
  • Grant Amount Awarded: dollar amount committed to the project by the IACA; refer to grant agreement for correct amount
  • Grant Amount Spent: amount of Grant Amount Awarded that has been committed to SYEA activities; if grant funds are not received by the deadline for reporting on the project, report on the funds as accrued revenue

If you have questions regarding the filing of the final report, please contact Pius Zacharias, Accountant Supervisor at 312/814-3300 or