General Operating Support, Arts Service Organizations & PIE Final Reports

How To Complete the General Operating Support, Arts Service Organizations and PIE Final Report

Final Reports for General Operating Support, Arts Service Organizations and Partners-in-Excellence Programs will be filed electronically using the Salesforce System.  To learn how to access and use the Salesforce system, refer to the Using Salesforce section of the IACA website.  


Final Reports must be submitted electronically through the Salesforce system no later September 30, 2023.

Salesforce Information

Organization Information – provide basic contact information.

Project Information – provide details on the award type as stated in the Grant Agreement. 

Narrative – Respond to the narrative prompts as is applicable for the award type.

For General Operating Support Grants:

  • Describe programs and activities which took place during the grant period.

  • Highlight major goals and objectives during this time.

  • To what degree and how were these goals and objectives met?

  • Provide details as to the methods used to measure these goals and objectives.

  • Provide an interesting anecdote or describe a pivotal or breakthrough achievement during the grant period.

Financial Summary – complete the provided template (pdf or excel) and enter summary information for each field.

  • Grant Amount Awarded (GRA): equal to the grant amount in the award letter, grant agreement, and final report due notice.
  • Grant Amount Spent (SPE): reflecting grant funds committed by the award end date. Grant funds that are not spent will be required to be returned. A notice of the amount to be returned will be sent following review of the final report.
  • Total Unrestricted Revenue Less In-Kind (REV): equal at the minimum to the IACA grant amount plus the required cash match as identified in the grant agreement. Explain any discrepancy in the narrative box at the bottom of the Financial Section Template. Insufficient cash match may require a portion of the grant award to be returned.
  • Total in-Kind (INK): the amount of goods and services provided during the grant period that would otherwise have been cash expenses. 
  • Total Expenditures less in-Kind (EXP): equal at the minimum to the IACA grant amount plus the required cash match as identified in the grant agreement. When the amount is GREATER THAN Total Unrestricted Revenue less In-Kind provide an explanation in the narrative box at the bottom of the Financial Section Template. When Total Expenditures less In-Kind (EXP) is greater than five percent of your Total Unrestricted Revenue less In-Kind (REV), provide a detailed explanation of how the deficit occurred and the plans to resolve the deficit in the narrative box at the bottom of the Financial Section Template. 

Individuals Benefitting – provide figures based on the following definitions:

  • Individuals Benefiting from Project (IND) should reflect all people who saw or took part in activities during the grant period. This DOES NOT refer to how many people benefited financially. This field cannot be zero.  
  • Youth Benefiting from Project (YTH) should reflect the number of youth included in IND who were 18 years old or younger. If zero, enter 0.
  • Artists Involved in Project (ART) refers to how many living artists had their work presented or took part in the project or performance during the grant period. If zero, enter 0. 
  • Total Volunteers Participating in Project (VOL) refers to the number of individuals who provided in-kind services during the grant period.  (If zero, enter 0)

National Endowment for the Arts Requirements – provide estimates of the population that directly benefited from the award during the grant period.

Project Activities Location – provide information on the locations of activities supported by the award during the grant period.

Required Attachments – upload each of the following:

  • Attach the provided template (pdf or excel) of revenue and expense for the grant period. Refer to the Financial Section Definitions document when completing this report. When the organization’s fiscal year does not coincide with the IACA grant period, use the most recent completed fiscal year (audited when available), subtract or add (using your General Ledger) any additional months.

  • Provide up to four examples of published materials or news releases verifying funded activities and acknowledgment of the IACA (“This program partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.”) Acceptable formats for uploaded files are PDF, JPEG, or WORD (as .doc or .rtf files.) When possible, include IACA acknowledgment verification on the first page of your documentation. When notification of the award was received after printed material was generated, upload a statement justifying why required acknowledgment was not possible.

Certification – In this section, certify the final report.  

Required Fields

In each section, fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. The Salesforce system will not allow you to submit your Final Report without responding to these requirements.  

Direct questions regarding the filing of the final report to Sandra Velazquez, Accountant Supervisor at 312/814-4993 or Sandra.Velazquez​


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