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General Operating Support

The Illinois Arts Council Agency enters 2023 with an opportunity to evaluate our granting programs. As the flagship granting opportunity of the agency, the General Operating Support Grant (GOS) receives over 800 applications a year from throughout the state. We will embark on the process of evaluating that program so that it may continue to strengthen and meet the needs of the cultural ecosystem in the state of Illinois.
To allow time for research and implementation, the agency is streamlining the application and award process for the upcoming 2024 GOS funding cycle. Fiscal Year 2024 GOS funds will be based on your Fiscal Year 2023 GOS application. Details on this are forthcoming and will be emailed directly to those applicants. Organizations who did not receive Fiscal Year 2023 GOS grants are still eligible to apply and are encouraged to contact the appropriate Program Staff for an application.
“As I meet and talk with constituents in this state, I believe the time has come to re-envision programs with the objective of better addressing the needs of our applicants and the communities they serve. This year we will be working closely with Governor Pritzker, legislators, our board and staff, and many of our cultural arts leaders and organizations across the state to make Illinois a national model for arts agencies in this country. Streamlining the General Operating Support process for Fiscal Year 2024 is the first step in allowing the agency to begin a thoughtful consideration of all our grant programs, processes, and how we serve and connect with all of Illinois’ communities.” - Nora Daley, Board Chair  
Thank you for your patience during this time of transition and planning. Together, we will build a stronger creative and connected Illinois through the arts.  

IACA General Operating Support Grants are offered to established not-for-profit organizations that make a significant local, regional, or statewide impact on the quality of life in Illinois. Grants recognize arts programing of high quality that is appropriate to and reflective of the communities served and that broaden opportunities for the public to participate in the arts.

Successful applicants demonstrate strong operations, stable management, ongoing assessment and evaluation, and a strong commitment to making artistic programs accessible and relevant to a diverse range of participants. Organizations must also show that their programs and activities have artistic, educational, and cultural value. 

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