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All Illinois Arts Council Agency grant recipients are required to complete and submit a final report 30 days following the end of IACA's fiscal year (August 31).  Fiscal year 2023 final reports will be due by September 30, 2023.  

The Final Report will report on the activities outlined in your original application and that took place during the grant period as specified on the grant agreement. 

You will be required to provide financial, statistical and narrative information on the activities that took place during the grant period.  In addition you will be required to submit examples of published materials verifying your or your organization’s activities and compliance with the IACA funding acknowledgement requirement (“<YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME> acknowledges support from the Illinois Arts Council Agency”).

FY23 Final Reports will be  submitted electronically through the Salesforce system.  You can access the Salesforce system at

Listed below are links to final report materials and instructions for specific grant programs.  Please read the instructions carefully before beginning the final report.

Final reports which are not on the Salesforce system are in PDF format. Unless otherwise noted on the form, reports must be filled out and emailed to the Illinois Arts Council Agency. 

If you have questions regarding the filing of the final report, please contact Sandra Velazquez, Accountant Supervisor at 312/814-4993 or

Final Report Material & instructions

Quarterly Report

This report is required ONLY for IACA grants of $25,000 or above.


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